I started out a few years ago making antler knife handles and carving them, as well. They sold well, but within a short time I wanted more of a challenge. I decided to try my hand at complete knives, so I bought a few blanks and learned all about what not to do and even a little about what I should be doing when making the hand made knives.

Those also sold well, but then… well you know how the story goes, I wanted even more of a challenge and got started designing my own hand made knives. I hand forged the knives as well which is where I learned how to heat treat using the oil quench method. As time progressed, I upgraded my tools and purchased a heat treat over where I now do full heat treats and cryo to all my tool steels.

I am now at a point where I can really put together a knife that is tough, low maintenance, and also looks good while feeling great in your hand, making the best camping and hunting knife! I use only top knife steels, 1095, A2, D2 tool steel and CPM 154. I also use what I consider the toughest handle material – G10 – a fiberglass impregnated material that does not absorb moisture, so there is minimal expansion and contraction in the handle.

You can check out my full hand made knife collection, including the best camping knives and more in my online store. Be sure to check out our FAQ section to learn more, or contact me with any questions you might have.

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