camping knives from Bodine Handmade KnivesWhen we began creating our custom made knives, we set out to create a knife that any owner would be proud to carry and thrilled to use. We knew that our knives needed to look great without sacrificing any of the quality of the performance. After all, what’s the point of carrying a knife that looks great but doesn’t cut when you need it? That’s why we create our custom made knives from beginning to end; every step of the way, our knives are carefully crafted by a tradesman who is passionate about the craft.

What Makes Our Knives Custom

We don’t stock any knives in our online store. We start each knife once it is ordered through our website. That way you know you aren’t getting some stock-created knife, but instead are getting one that’s been created just for you to meet your particular needs. We offer a number of customization options on our website, including handle colors, Kydex sheath colors, and even the color of your blade on some knives. If you have a request for something that’s not offered on our website, let us know. Chances are we can accommodate your request for a small fee.

Why You Need a Bodine Knife

If you are serious about the knife that you use, whether it’s for personal protection, camping, hunting, or survival purposes, we have the knife for you. We’re passionate about creating the best possible knife, with the best materials and using crafting techniques that are tried and true. In the end, you’ll end up with a knife that should last you a lifetime and you’ll be thrilled to own and use.

Interested in purchasing a custom-made knife for yourself? Place an order through our website or contact our team to discuss any special requests you might have for your next knife.