One of the things that our customers love the most about our hand made knives is the quality of the materials used to make them. This is an area that was deeply researched when we started to create our knives; we took the time to purchase and experiment with a number of material types before we settled on a selection that we believe to be the best possible material for our knives. Based on the feedback that we get from our customers, they think so, too. Today, we understand what metals work best for different applications and can help match a customer’s needs to the metal that’s going to work best for them. That’s why we have so many happy customers who come back to us when they need a new knife.

Material Options for Bodine Hand Made KnivesBodine Camping Knives

These are the materials that are used in the knives that you’ll find in our online store. While some special requests can be accommodated, when it comes to the handle we will only work with the material listed below. We’re confident that once you’ve handled a knife with that material, you won’t want to use anything else, either.

For the Blade of a Bodine Hand Made Knife


A more common, less expensive steel that is good for hand-forging. It’s a high carbon metal and non-stainless steel.


A tough steel that’s easy to sharpen and resists impact well.


A corrosion-resistant steel, it’s not as tough as A2 but retains sharpening well. High hardness, high toughness, and often used in cutlery knives as well.

CPM 154

An American-made steel that’s tough, corrosion resistant, and retains its edge. A good superior steel for knives.

For the Handle of a Bodine Hand Made Knife


This is a fiberglass-impregnated material that doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s comfortable in your hand and won’t wear away like some other materials over years of use.

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We’ve spent hours of time in our handmade knife shop creating knives from these materials, and we’re confident that they are the best and that you’ll think so, too. If you’d like to experience these incredible materials for yourself, place an order for a Bodine hand-made knife in our online store. If you have questions about any of the materials that we use or have a special request, be sure to read or FAQ page and then contact our team through our website.